Martha Storey

JCR VP/Treasurer

Dag Yosief

JCR President

Ellie Scott

JCR VP/Secretary

Toni Ledda & Uri Shine

Welfare Reps

Jade Powell & David Conneely

Entz Reps

Giannis Tyrovolas

Academic Affairs Officer

Emily Corne

IT Officer

Erin Kyei & Lauren McGivern

Hall and Accomodation Officers

Saoirse Genoni

Women*'s Rep

Laura Ennis

Access and Equal Opportunities Officer

Angus Parker & Jade Powell


Anjali Kawa

Race Equality Rep

Sofija Petrovic

International Students Rep

Guy Smith

Class Equality Rep

Miles Hession

Charities and Communities Rep

Hannah Capstick

Students with Disabilities Rep

Joe Stonor

Sports Rep

Harriet Atherton and Isla Sandeman

Environment Reps

Sonia Jakubiak

Careers and Development Rep

Danny Alimadadian

Stavs Rep

Josh Grier

Services Czar (Pizza Rep)

Lydia Khechine

Twitter Rep

Ayesha Riaz and Theone Elis

Arts Reps

Ju Young Han

Skincare Rep

Miles Bishop

Oxford SU Officer

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